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Scotland Poultry

14 - Mar - 2015

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Hen Houses

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Jens Hens

Hen Houses

Poultry coops and chicken houses come in many shapes and forms and there are such a lot to choose from that beginners to hen houses can easily become lost in the choice and often end up with something that they didn't want. Please ensure that when you order hen houses you check the dimensions and the overall square footage of the hen coop as many sellers only allow 1 square foot per hen for housing which is my opinion is not enough. Our houses are mainly based on 1.5 square foot of living accommodation per bird which does cost us sales but we would rather the hens be happy and less prone to disease and mite infestation.

Here you can see a selection of our hen houses that we offer, all of our houses are designed and manufactured around our acceptable standards. Please click on the links below to see further details of the range of hen house you are looking for

Budget Hen Housing

These offer exceptional value for money budget chicken houses and are imported with a usual lead time of about a week but please check stock when ordering. These units are manufactured from 12mm tongue and grooved fir timber and meet the needs of most hobbyist poultry keeper. (Click on the title above for link)

Scottish Hand Crafted Hen Houses

For a long time now i have been wanting to design and build our own range of hen houses and eventually i have had the time to do so.

The houses are made on site to order, they are very strong and robust, come pre-assembled so no having to build them up and even better have everything needed to give your hens a luxury home. They are designed to endure the harsh Scottish weather whilst needing very little maintenance (recommend the timber being treated every twelve months with a good quality wood preserver) and offer exceptional value for money. (Click on the title above for link)

Premium Quality Hen Houses

These units are custom built to order in the UK by craftsmen and offer probably the best their is in poultry housing. Due to these units being made to order please allow at least three weeks lead time for ordering. You can see the quality for yourself but please understand these are heavy and costly to produce to this standard. (Click on the title above for link)


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  • All prices and stock are to our best knowledge at the time of publishing, whilst every effort is made to keep the site upto date both prices and availability should be checked at time of order. Thankyou
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